Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $200K in Mundelein, IL

Cassie and Bruno make the perfect team! Bruno’s expertise on home flipping and photography has trained him with a good eye that catches the smallest details, nook and cranny of each home. Cassie is very approachable and always available! She is sensitive to the clients needs and works around them
to ensure that the client is always happy. They take time to listen and get to know who their clients are to the point that they knew just through one meeting what we were looking for! They showed us a house (which is now our home) the next day and 4 weeks later we are happily moved into our first home! She is very patient and welcomes every question with a simple and straightforward answer. Cassie and Bruno work together like a well oiled machine! They have made the experience of buying our first home very enjoyable and one that we will never forget! We definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE IN NEED OF A REALTOR! We cannot thank them enough!

— iyay.mandanas